Terms of Service

  1. Payment is in full and in cash on arrival.
  2. The vehicle must be returned in the same condition as it was received.
  3. A cash refundable deposit of US$ 100 is payable on the day of receiving the vehicle and will be returned to the Renter if the vehicle is returned in the condition that it was received.
  4. The Renter takes full responsibility for the safety and security of the vehicle.
  5. The driver will be responsible to pay for any damage caused to the vehicle other than mechanical failure.
  6. In the case of mechanical failure , please contact Bright Car Hire before taking any action to resolve the issue.
  7. The vehicle must only be driven by the Renter.
  8. The Renter must only drive if they have their Zanzibar driving permit and foreign driver’s license with them.
  9. The vehicle is not allowed to be driven on the beach.
  10. Should the Renter terminate the Agreement , he/she will be responsible to pay for the full time let.
  11. Should the Renter need to extend the Agreement , please let Bright Car Hire know 24 hours in advance.
  12. Should the Renter use the car after the Rental Agreement has expired, the charge will be US$ 10 per hour.
  13. Bright Car Hire reserves the right to terminate this Rental Agreement if it is proven that the Renter is careless, reckless or irresponsible with the vehicle.
  14. Petrol and the Zanzibar driving permit are not included in the price.
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